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  • Take a snapshot of your SalesForce environment at any time.
  • Export any number of objects to create a backup.
  • It lets you backup your notes and attachment objects too.
  • Customize your data by selecting all or some fields within an object.
  • Apply filter to limit your data backup as per need.
  • Creates zip files to manage size.
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How it works

1. Login and authenticate to the environment.

2. Select all or any number of objects you would like to export.

3. Customize you data by removing the unwanted fields from your backup.

4. Apply criteria to further limit your data set for each of the object.

5. Verify your backup export data object counts. You can change file names for each object in the summary page too.

6. System creates individual zip file for each object and a zip file for all objects.

7. You can download and save these files to your desktop.


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