Transfer Data



  • Transfer data among any SalesForce environment to another.
  • Automatically creates object loading hierarchy.
  • Automatic field mapping to ease the process.
  • Limit data size by number or percentage of total object rows.
  • Apply filter to transfer the right data.
  • Preview your data from transfer.
  • No coding/lookups/Id mapping required to transfer. It does that for you.
  • Quick and simple. Simple follow the wizard steps and get done.
  • Save mapping Jobs for later run.
  • Test your data load in sandboxes before loading it to production.
  • Email transfer summary when done.
  • Generates error report.


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How it Works:

  • 1. Transfer data from Production to any Sandbox in 5 easy steps
  • 2. Login to Source and Destination
  • 3. Select Objects to Transfer from Source to Destination Org
  • 4. Apply Field Mapping and Filter
  • 5. Data Summary and Object Insertion Order
  • 6. Summary Report
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