Q: Can I use this Transfer Data application with a Mac?

A: No. It is a .NET application which is not supported by Mac.

Q: What Salesforce.com editions do Transfer Data application supports?

A: You can use the application for the following Salesforce.com editions.

  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developers Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Professional Edition (API enabled only)

Q: What are the System Requirements to install the Application?

A: Computer and processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86- or x64-bit processor
Memory (RAM): 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or more; 2 gigabytes (GB) RAM (64-bit) or more
Hard Disk: 3.0 gigabytes (GB) available or more
Display: Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX10 graphics card and a 1024 x 576 or higher resolution monitor
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit); Windows 8 or 8.x (32-bit or 64-bit); Windows Server 2008
.NET Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.5 or above. Download and install from Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.
Additional requirements: Some functionality may vary, based on the system configuration

Q: Why do I need to install the SQL Server Local DB?

A: SQL Server Local DB is required for the application to work properly. Application creates a database which is used to build relationships and queries to load data.

Q: What if I already have a SQL Server Installed on my machine?

A: You would still need to install the SQL Server Local DB for application to properly connect and create a Database.

Q: Would my object and field data relationships will stay once I close the tool?

A: Yes the database stores object and field data relationships for the next time. E.g. A user can load only Account Object first and in next run if user loads Contact Object, application will pick the new AccountID created as part of previous Account Object load.

Q: Can I clear Database?

A: Yes you can delete all relationships and data stored in Database through Settings > Clear Database.

Q: Can the Transfer Data Application be used for Transferring Salesforce.com Data from 1 production org to another production org?

A: Yes. Wingmandata Transfer Data Application lets users connect with any Salesforce.com Source Org and any Salesforce.com Destination Org.

Q: Does the transfer data functionality transfer Attachment and Notes?

A: Yes. You can transfer any Salesforce.com object using the transfer data functionality.

Q: Is there any limit to the numbers of times I can use any of these functions?

A: No. There is no limit to the number of times these functions can be used with your subscription. Salesforce.com API limits does apply.

Q: How many API’s does this tool use?

A: It depends on the number of Objects and each of these Object's row count. For example, if you are transferring 10,000 rows from production environment to a sandbox the Utility will make 50 API calls (200 batch size) to make the transfer.

Q: Is there a limit to how many rows I can transfer?

A: No. There is no limit for the Enterprise Edition. Free Edition has a limit of 100 rows. Please see the Products page for comparison.

Q: How the object load order works in transfer data?

A: We use the default Salesforce.com object hierarchy for sequencing the loading order during data transfer. There is an ability to adjust the object sequence as needed for unique business requirements.

Q: Does the Sandbox refresh limit apply to data loading?

A: No. You can load your sandbox with production data as many times you want.

Q: What if the customer changes sandbox names?

A: Changing the sandbox name does not affect performance. We limit API calls based on the user Salesforce.com login credentials. Sandbox names don’t affect functionality as long as these credentials don’t change.

Q: Can I save my back up data file to my local drive?

A: Yes. You can back up all your Salesforce.com data to any location at your local drive.

Q: How does WingmanData work with Workflow and/or Validation rules?

A: Workflow and Validation rules will apply based on the user profile.

Q: Does Wingmandata support Partner Portal objects with their functions?

A: Yes. However, the user profile must have authority to access these objects.

Q: How does Wingmandata support triggers?

A: Triggers will apply to all functions based on the user profile.

Q: Can the batch size be adjusted in Wingmandata’s loading and other functions?

A: Yes. During transfer a user can change the batch size.

Q: Does the Data Field filter maintain relationships among resulting data records?

A: Yes. Data Field filters will ensure that relationships between data records are maintained. It is expected that the Data Field filters will be used more frequently than the Object level filter.